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Felting Needles for Mending

Felting Needles for Mending

Fiyat3,50£ ve üzeri

Felting needles are quite different to a standard sewing needle and are an essential tool for needle-felting. 


This special needle has tiny barbs on the end; when the needle is stabbed into the wool the barbs pull the wool in, but not back out again causing the fibres to tangle and fuse together.


Needle-felting can be used to fill holes, threadbare areas or diguise a stain on your much-loved knitwear with a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes. It's super satisfying, quick and easy to do making it ideal for mending newbies!


You will receive:

1 x Twisted (spiral) Needle #38 gauge - for mending thicker knits (purple tip)

1 x Twisted (spiral) Needle #40 gauge - for finer knits (light blue tip)


Optional: These needles can be supplied in either a compostable glassine bag or glass test tube with cork stopper - make your choice using the drop down box.


Made in Germany by Groz Beckert.


Please note: this product does not come supplied with any addtional items e.g. felting mat or wool. 

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