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Snag Repair Needle - Twin Pack

Snag Repair Needle - Twin Pack


A snag needle is an essential tool for any mender to repair snags and pulled threads on cottons, linens, silks, synthetic fibers and blends.


A special thin nail with a spiral-like, ribbed end to catch loose threads/fibres and pull them through to the hidden side of the fabric. 


To use simply insert the needle into the fabric from the front (right side) directly next to the damaged thread. By turning it several times, the thread can be catched and pulled through to the inside. It's like magic!! 


This mini bundle contains three sizes of needles; the medium Clover needle is ideal for loosely woven fabrics & knits, the fine Prym needle has a slightly coarser spiral end for use on medium-heavy weight woven fabrics, and the super fine Clover needle is perfect for densely woven or finer fabrics. 


Two of these needles also feature a fine ball point which gives you the option to also use them on knit fabrics without having to worry about splitting fibres.



Medium - 0.90 x 65 mm

Fine - 0.80 x 75mm

Super Fine - 0.61 x 65 mm


Made in Japan & China using hardened steel. 

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