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Frixion Marking Pen - Purple

Frixion Marking Pen - Purple

Fiyat3,85£ ve üzeri

The Frixion gel pen is an essential tool for marking straight lines and curves on woven and tight knitted fabrics e.g. a cotton dress, denim jeans, leggings or a linen top.


Ideal for marking out the shape of your darn, Sashiko design or embroidery pattern before you begin sewing.


Two options available:

  • Fine Point - fine nib for very precise marking of intricate embroidery designs.
  • Ball Point - suitable for drawing straight lines on most woven fabrics.


This special ink responds to heat and friction. To remove the marks simply rub over the ink with the 'eraser' on the end of the pen (or a quick blast of steam with an iron) and like magic it will disappear.


Always test the pen on your garment first before use. 


*As the ink is heat sensitive please be aware the marks can reappear in cold conditions. So, make sure that you only mark on the reverse side if you plan to use your pen on garments that will be exposed to very cold conditions. 

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